Share your Musical Talent – Nov 10, 2014

music KIDSNovember 10, 2014
KIDS Music Concert at Fairhaven, 6-7 pm

Beginning Music students and up, are encouraged to share their musical talent with the residents of Fairhaven. Come and practice performing to an audience that would love you no matter what comes out of your instrument.

Play a song or two out of your music book or whatever piece of music you’d like. It doesn’t matter what instrument you play, everyone is welcome. Singers, solos, duets, etc.

Invite a friend or two. Motivate someone to try something new. The person who invites the most friends will be recognized.

We will be playing in Fellowship Hall (which is a new location for us this year). Please arrive a few minutes early (5:50 pm).
Piano and music stand provided.

This event is organized by 8th grade student: Morgan Radaj.