About Us

This is Morgan.

The idea for her mission came to her, at the age of 9, when she couldn’t sign up for an American Cancer Society Run/Walk charity event that her mom was doing – because she was a kid. The event was for adults only.

Morgan is a wonderful, compassionate young lady. She has a big heart and is very motherly. She would give the shirt off her own back if it would help someone. I think that she enjoys how good she feels when “giving” to others… so much so, she wants to help other kids feel that way too. At the same time, she embraces the fact that kids have many different interests (their own passions) and wants kids to make choices for themselves. I think that’s why she’s been so successful. She’s giving kids an opportunity to have a VOICE, a CHOICE, an OPINION… and she’s giving them some fun events to do just that.

What started as one event, has now turned into a mission:
Motivating KIDS to GIVE

Morgan is trying to convince KIDS that by GIVING (of their time, of their talent, to charity, to the community, etc), that they can help make a difference.

I suspect that she will continue to find new ways that a person can “give”. There is so much more giving that we all can do, to our community, to our country, to the entire world.
Continue to watch the “Events” page for Morgan’s latest challenge….and don’t forget, even KIDS can make a difference too!!
If you would like to read about how Morgan came up with the idea for her first event, a charity run/walk, click here.