Operation: SNOWMAN

snowmen2Share some JOY with those who can’t get out
(seniors, nursing homes, shut-ins, etc.)
by Morgan Radaj

As the temperature rises, the conditions are PERFECT!!! 🙂

You could build a snowman at home, but consider building one for someone else instead. Spring is just around the corner, but we will still have some snow for a little while yet.

Today, March 7th, tomorrow & Sunday (March 7-9) . . . join us for:

Operation: SNOWMAN is a challenge that we are giving to kids in our community and across the country. If you have packing snow, then JOIN US! snowmen1




  • Build a snowman for someone who can’t
  • Bring a smile to their face
  • Consider this simple random act of kindness
  • Try to do it anonymously 🙂 . . . but if you’re found out, that’s okay. Seniors LOVE to watch children play.
  • Choose to create your snowman near a window where it can be seen by the person inside.
  • If you have them, bring a carrot, a few sticks, and an old hat or mittens that don’t fit anymore.

We are not limiting this to those kids in Whitewater, WI.

EVERYONE is welcome!!! If the conditions are right in your area too, please join us!

Here’s PART TWO of the challenge: SPREAD THE WORD!!!! Share this with ALL of your friends! Let’s see how many snowmen we can build. Take a picture and share it with us 🙂 Email us

In our area: we want to bring smiles to the people at Fairhaven, Hearthstone, the Glen, to shut-ins, seniors, etc. The challenge is to do what you love – Play – and share it with others. Help us bring smiles to those who can’t get out.

If you go to one of the suggested locations and you find a snowman already made . . . don’t worry, make another one. 🙂 Let’s see how many we can make in the next few days. Let’s do it before the snow melts.

Thanks for your help!


Snowmen family