Run/Walk Frequently Asked Questions

1. How old do you have to be to participate? Ages 5-17
2. Where is the event located? The Whitewater, WI High School track
3. Can we just show up on May 17th? We’d like you to please register in advance so we have enough snacks (but we’d welcome any child interested in attending). We’d like to know how many kids are attending. This is also a CHARITY Run/Walk, so each child participating needs to choose a charity to raise money for. The great part is that they can choose any charity in the world (that means something to them). The number of laps the child completes on May 19th will determine how much money they collect from their family/friends who donated to their charity. Parents, here’s a little more info.
4. Who came up with the idea for Motivating Kids to Give and who is running the event? Morgan, click here to read her story.  (family and friends are helping run it).
5. What do we do with our donations that we’ve collected? Wait until after the event on May 19th, and then mail them directly to your charity. If you chose one of our suggested charities, visit our website (charity page) to find the mailing addresses of the charities that we gave as examples. If you chose your own charity, most have mailing addresses on their websites. There may be a few people that donate for “each lap” completed, so you will need to collect those donations after the event.
6. What should I wear or bring? Wear comfortable clothes, tennis shoes, and bring a water bottle if you can.
7. Do I have to run? No! Kids can walk or run or a combination of both.
8. Do I have to live in Whitewater to participate? No! We are targeting kids who live in Whitewater (because that’s where the event will be held) – but we welcome kids from the surrounding areas, as well as friends and family too. Each child should register.
9. I am a parent chaperone, what should I bring? Please bring your enthusiastic voice to help cheer on all the kids 🙂 You can chaperone multiple kids.
10. Can I help? Volunteers and sponsors welcome, and greatly appreciated! Please email us if you’d like to help.