Register for the Run/Walk

Ready to register?

STEP 1: Kids, ask your parents for permission.

STEP 2: Choose a Charity that matters to you.

STEP 3: Register for our event by having your parent email us the information below.

  • First & Last Name of Child
  • Age of Child
  • First & Last Name of Parent
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Charity Chosen (or more than one)

Parents, please READ the disclaimer below before emailing in your registration. Next, move on to step 4.

STEP 4: Download our 2015 Donation Form and print. If you would like to download some information to share with your friends, too, click here for our half sheet donation form that also includes some information about the run/walk.

STEP 5: Start collecting donations for your charity up until the day before the event. Checks should be made out to your charity and are safer than cash.

STEP 6: Come to the event and have fun with friends. Run/Walk for an hour. Count your laps.

STEP 7: Following the Run/Walk, if any of your donations were “per lap” around the track, collect those donations. (example: Grandpa donated $1 per lap. I ran/walked 9 laps. I need to collect $9 from Grandpa).

STEP 8: After all your donations have been collected, mail in your checks directly to your charity. All checks should be payable to your charity name.

STEP 9: Email me the total $ dollar amount that you raised for your charity (or charities).

STEP 10: Give yourself a High Five! You should be proud of yourself!

Parents, please read:

Kids: Yes, I have asked my parents for permission to participate in this event.
Parents: We ask that kids have a chaperone (age 5-9) – or coordinate a group of kids to be chaperoned by an adult.
1. To cheer on your son/daughter/crew
2. To help motivate
3. Most importantly, to share in the experience of this child doing something GREAT for a Charity that needs their help!!
Liability – The Applicant assumes all responsibility in case of injury or harm and agree to indemnify the School District for any and all damages by any persons attending the activity. The Whitewater Unified School District, their employees or agents or any volunteers/organizations associated with this activity will not be held responsible for any personal injury or loss that may occur in conjunction with this activity.
Agree to the terms by entering your Initials: * By emailing us your registration, you are agreeing to the terms above.

Please be assured that we will not use your email address or child’s name for any other reason than contacting you about the event. We will be taking some pictures of the kids who attend the event and posting them on our website – but no names will be displayed. Thanks for supporting your child!!