About the Run/Walk

How did the idea for the Run/Walk come to me?

(Picture is from the 1st annual run/walk, Morgan with two friends and her teacher.)

Hi, my name is Morgan and well I was inspired by my mommy. My mommy is always running for ACS (American cancer society). I was sad that I could not participate because it was an ADULTS ONLY kind of thing.

Before every running race we collected donations and then we would make a chart and soon we would hope to reach our goal. Every year we work harder than the year before.

Then I thought about how cool it would be to have friends to do a race with. A few days later I saw a TV show with a little boy who sold fruit and raised money and then got other kids around the world to do it with him. They gave the money they raised to a charity, and the charity was very happy. So that got me thinking what if I put those two things together? It would be the same thing as a running race but it can be a KIDS ONLY race and that is how I got the cool, happy, fun idea.

Since every kid is different, evey kid should be able to choose what charity matters to them.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story!!

To View images from the 1st Annual Run/Walk, click here.