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Friday, May 30, 2014
WFAW Morning Magazine & Michael Clish
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I was invited to join in on a radio interview with Joseph Kienbaum, our 2014 top fundraiser.


Published Sunday, February 20, 2014
Whitewater Register

A story about a self-portrait ART contest benefiting two nonprofits. The Contest is called: We LOVE Your Smile!


Published Sunday, January 12, 2014
Walworth County Sunday
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A story about a self-portrait ART contest benefiting two nonprofits. The Contest is called: We LOVE Your Smile!


Published Thursday, January 2, 2014
Whitewater Register
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A story about a self-portrait ART contest benefiting two nonprofits. The Contest is called: We LOVE Your Smile!


WhitewaterBanner Dec 2013Late December 2013

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A story about a self-portrait ART contest benefiting two nonprofits. The Contest is called: We LOVE Your Smile!

Both ART & Good Dental Care can improve self-esteem. Show us your BEST Smile & help others at the same time! Enter our ART contest and help us buy tooth brushes and art supplies. Art will be collected during January 2014 and on display during the month of February 2014 at Studio 84 in Whitewater, WI.

For a Silent Auction: The girls are also trying to promote some local artists, who create art from recycled items.

Attention artists: If you reuse anything to create something new and are willing to donate one of your creations plus some of your business cards, the girls will display those at Studio 84, during the month of February. All items will be auctioned off and proceeds will go to the two nonprofits.


Aired May 2012
Listen to Morgan’s WSLD Radio AD for her 2nd Annual KIDS ONLY Run/Walk for Charity


On May 20, 2013

The Power of a Child

Never underestimate the powerful compassion of a child, for they, too, can make a positive difference in the world we live in.

I first met Morgan via email. She sent me a message inviting me to learn about an organization she created called Motivating Kids to Give. Through it she has organized trash pick-up days in her community. She has organized Music Day at her local nursing home where kids perform for the residents. She has organized this incredible charity walk where the kids themselves get to choose which organization or cause they are walking for. And she is only 11.

Eleven years young.

I was able to meet Morgan face to face Sunday, May 19th at the charity walk/run. I’m confident Morgan is going to be a household name pretty soon. Within minutes of speaking with her I could tell she has drive, ambition and compassion – absolute keys to success! But even more than that, this kid has grit.

I asked her why she started all of this; what made her want to create an organization like this? She explained she had wanted to run in an event with her marathon racing mother and was told she couldn’t because she was too young. See, she was ‘just a kid’ so they wouldn’t let her participate. So, she decided to create her own event.

Morgan is a game changer. Wise beyond her years, she isn’t content to sit back and just let things be. She took a situation and made it better than what it could have been. I can’t help but be more than a little pleased that she was prohibited from participating in that running event… because if she had been allowed, maybe none of these kids would have been on this hot track on a Sunday afternoon with the sun beating down. I watched as the future of our world took lap after lap, smiling, laughing, encouraging one another not to give up. I listened to story after story from mothers who were insistent that the kids do their own fundraising, make their own phone calls. And each one of those children rose to the occasion. And I watched with pride as each one made yet another pass around the track.

The event lasted one hour. I think the average distance was 2.5 – 3 miles per child. Amazing!!

Never, ever, underestimate the powerful compassion of a child. They make a wonderful difference in the world we live in!

Motivating Kids to Give


Published Sunday, June 24, 2012
Walworth County Sunday
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Aired October 2011
Listen to Morgan’s WSLD Radio AD for the Winter COAT DRIVE Fall 2011


Published Thursday, May 19, 2011
Whitewater Register, Front page
9-year-old girl starts fitness fundraiser
by Vanessa Lenz – Editor

Frustrated by a lack of fundraising opportunities for children, a little Whitewater girl decided to take things into her own hands.

Morgan Radaj, 9, a 4th grade student at Lincoln Elementary School, has organized a kids only run/walk, which she said is meant to teach young people that they too can make a difference.

“I hope to motivate kids to give to a charity that means something to them, while also having fun with friends and getting a little exercise,” Morgan said.

Morgan said her mother Maggie inspired her to start the Motivating Kids to Give run/walk, which is fast approaching this weekend.
“My mom is always running marathons for charities like the American Cancer Society. I could never participate and wanted to start something that kids could participate in, “Morgan said.

“Then I thought about how cool it would be to have friends to do a race with.”

She moved forward with the fundraiser after seeing a little boy on television who sold fruit to help others in need.

Morgan said she wanted to combine the fundraiser with a physical activity because of her love of running and sports.

“I just wanted to make a difference in the world and help out the people and animals that need it most,” she said.

Maggie said Morgan thought of the kids only run/walk on her own, but she wasn’t surprised by her daughter’s enthusiasm.

She said Morgan always helped her collect donations and work toward a fundraising goal for her runs each year and really took pride in the process.

“Morgan’s participation has always been limited because she’s a kid,” Maggie said. “There are not that many opportunities for kids to participate in something without their parents, not to mention an event that allows them to have a voice, a choice and an opinion.”

The first annual Motivating Kids to Give event will be held on Saturday, May 21 with check-in at 3 p.m. and the run/walk scheduled from 4 to 5 p.m. at the Whitewater Middle School track.

The fundraiser is exclusively for kids, ages 5-17, with proceeds going directly to the participant’s choice.

Morgan said she’s encouraged runners to pick a charity that means something to them when signing up.

Morgan is running to support the American Cancer Society and Treyton’s Field of Dreams, which will go toward a memorial baseball field for 6-year-old Treyton Kilar, who was killed by a drunken driver last fall.

“I want to help create a world with less cancer and more birthdays and I want to help honor a little boy who was killed before his time and help build something he would have loved,” Morgan said of her charity choices.

She also gave participants a list of suggested charities which they could support such as Touched by a Paw in Whitewater, Habitat for Humanity International, Make-a-Wish Foundation and the American Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami fund.

Morgan stressed that individuals could pick any charity they’d like.
“since every kids is different, every kids should be able to choose what charity means to them,” she said.

Morgan decided to have her event benefit multiple charities after thinking about her best friend Liz, who loves animals.

“Morgan took a look at the difference between herself and Liz and that made her realize that everyone is different and they all have a passion for different things. They have different passions, but can all still come together and motivate each other,” Maggie said.

“Once they choose something they can relate to, it should mean a lot more to each and every one of them.”

Morgan’s friends and family have pitched in to get the event rolling, including her aunt Sissy, who helped with the list of charities and printing the T-shirts for volunteers, her grandpa and mom, who helped with the website and friend Kay from church who is helping coordinate water and snacks for the run. She plans to keep the fundraiser going next year.

“We are so very proud of Morgan. She has a good heart and we couldn’t have asked for a better role model for her younger siblings!” said Maggie.

Runner/walkers can still sign up for the event or show up on Saturday to participate. To register, visit