Fall/Winter 2011 KIDS Coat Drive

Kids Winter Coat Drive at three local Whitewater elementary schools

Oct-Nov, 2011
Our church has a mission called the “Clothes Closet”. They collect used clothing from the community and give it away for free. In Fall there is a need for warm winter clothing. In Fall 2011, there was a large need for KID-sized warm items. Morgan took it upon herself to organize the three elementary schools in town (& each of their student councils) to collect KIDS warm items. She wrapped barrels with paper and had kids decorate the barrels with pictures of “things that make them warm in the winter”. She got the kids involved. Asked them to give what they weren’t using anymore. Gave it all to the Clothes Closet and organized distribution.
She contacted a radio station, WSLD, and recorded an AD. Poster and flyer design helped advertise.