Calling ALL KIDS!!

Let me ask you this . . .

• Do you like spending time with your friends?

• Would you be willing to help someone in need?

• Could you walk/run/sing/laugh with friends for an hour?

• Do you wish there were more opportunities for KIDS to help make this world a better place?

• Do you know that even kids can make a big
difference too?

• Are you willing to challenge yourself, but need a little motivation?

• Is there a specific charity that means more to you than others?

. . . if you answered yes to one or more, JOIN US!!

Choose a charity. Have Fun! Set a goal. Have Fun! Work on your people skills. Have Fun! Become strong & confident. Have Fun!
Make a difference & HAVE FUN!!!!

Hi, My name is Morgan and this event was my idea.

My Mission: I hope to motivate kids to fundraise and give to a charity that means something to them, while also having fun with friends and getting a little exercise.

I want to give kids an opportunity to have an opinion, and to let them know that kids can make a difference too!!!

Announcing the:

1st Annual KIDS ONLY
Motivating KIDS to GIVE
to a charity of their choice

Saturday, May 21st, 2011
4-5 p.m.
Whitewater, WI – Middle School Track

We would love to have you there with us!!

Ask your parents and tell your friends!

Please Register by May 15th