A little background information

Hi, my name is Morgan Radaj and I am 11-years-old.

On May 19th, 2013, I will be holding my 3rd annual Charity Run/Walk for KIDS. I started this EVENT three years ago when I was frustrated that there weren’t many opportunities for KIDS to participate in.
At the time, I had been helping my mom raise money for an ADULT event that she was participating in. Together I helped my mom raise money for the American Cancer Society. The first year we raised over $1000 for her half marathon & the second year we raised over $2000 for her marathon.
I was proud to help, but wanted to run with her.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t old enough.
The event was for adults only.

3 years ago, my first annual Run Walk allowed kids to not only get a little exercise, but to also raise money for charity. “Giving” feels good and I wanted to share that with others.
I also realized back then, that everyone is different and everyone has different interests. I couldn’t ask my friends to come and raise money for the American Cancer Society – because maybe they weren’t interested in the American Cancer Society. My best friend at the time LOVED animals.
I wanted to have an event, have friends there with me, but also wanted to have friends come and be proud in who they were raising money for.
I decided to let kids CHOOSE the charity that they would raise money towards.
I’m giving kids an opportunity to have a VOICE, a CHOICE, an OPINION.
Each year, the event gets a little bigger and bigger.

I organize this event, but I am also participating in it.

This year, I am fundraising for 3 organizations (1 charity, 1 non-profit, & 1 research project).
#1 – I always choose the American Cancer Society – because it was my inspiration.

#2 – The second is called: AVERYday Ministries
This non-profit was started when an 11-year-old Delavan girl, named AVERY, was killed in a car accident. Avery went to a christian school and loved Jesus.

One of Avery’s quotes was:
“If everyone knew about Jesus, they wouldn’t feel lonely or afraid anymore.”

AVERYday Ministries is seeking to plant seeds of FAITH – to grow great Christians and teach young people about God.

#3 – The third charity that I am choosing is in honor of Jill Freiermuth (and some members of my family) and Melanoma research.

KIDS- just so you know, you don’t have to run. This event is a RUN / WALK. You also don’t have to LIVE in Whitewater to participate. All kids from everywhere are welcome to join us. We’d like kids to register so we know they are coming, and can provide enough snacks and gift bags for them, but we won’t turn anyone down – even on the day of the event.

There is a WORLD of possible choices. Pick something that matters to you – and – it doesn’t matter that you are only 5 years old, or 6 or 7…
Kids can make a difference too.