5th Annual Charity Run/Walk – KIDS ONLY!

runwalkDSC_0372bThe DATE has been set for Sunday, May 17th, 2015, 1-2:30 p.m. Whitewater High School track.

JOIN US for the 5th Annual KIDS Charity Run/Walk

Choose your charity (any charity you want) and decide on a fundraising goal. Don’t feel like you need to raise hundreds of dollars… even $5 would help 🙂DSC_0469b

Do the best you can (getting donations), and then join us on May 17th to see how many laps you can run/walk around the track.

If you get any “per lap” donations, then the more laps you do = more money for your charity!

Example: Grandpa donated $1 per lap. I ran/walked 9 laps. I need to collect $9 from Grandpa

Hi, my name is Morgan. I am 13-years-old. I started this event five years ago and am very excited that it gets bigger and bigger each year 🙂 I got the idea for this event because I was too young to run in an adult charity run that my mother was doing….. so… I created my own event.DSC_0477b

Here is a fun article that was written about my run/walk last year.

I am challenging kids at an early age to stop and look at the world around them. This Run/Walk is an opportunity for KIDS – to help anyone or anything in this world & it doesn’t matter what it is. Everyone is different and they should have an opportunity to have an opinion about what they are interested in – even at age 5, or age 6, or beyond. I want to help young kids realize that it doesn’t matter how old you are… Even Kids can make a difference in this world!

It’s okay to be a kid… but it’s also okay, even at a young age, to be empathetic, a good citizen, and to learn to “give” instead of only receive. “Giving” and “helping” feels good – and – it can be fun!

For more information, choose one of the following links:


This event celebrates the uniqueness of each individual participate and we are always excited to see how many different charities or organizations are chosen.

Last year, kids raised money for charities including:

  • American Cancer Society
  • AVERYday Ministries
  • Ann’s Hope Foundation
  • Treyton’s Field of Dreams
  • Touched by a Paw
  • Humane Society of Jefferson
  • Dane County Animal Shelter
  • Spreading Warmth
  • 350.org
  • American Red Cross
  • Studio 84
  • Walk with Grace

Who else can we help this year???

To see some photos from previous years, click here:

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DSC_0405bAVERY GirlsDSC_0891DSC_0668DSC_0929b